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aLIVE Service Learning 2018 - Kindness To All

The aLIVE programme is an abbreviation of Learning Islamic Values Every day. It is an Islamic Education programme conducted in mosques all around the island for students age 5 to 20 years old. This weekly programme embedded curriculum that nurtures students to become compassionate, caring and inspiring muslims. And among it is Service Learning which aims to increase social responsibility, activism and citizenship skills in students. With the theme "Kindness to All", our service learning this year will feature the creative work of our students in their effort to raise funds for children of Club Rainbow Singapore. Club Rainbow Singapore is a non-profit organisation that provides support and assistance to chronically ill children who are in a similar age group as aLIVE students. It is hoped that students will be able to relate better to the challenges faced by children in Club Rainbow and encourage them to be an assistance in any way they can.

For every $2 donation, you are sponsoring a 10cm-by-10cm coaster magnet for aLIVE students and teachers to design. The designed coaster magnets will then be sold at a later date and proceeds from the sales will too be donated to Club Rainbow Singapore.

Here are designs by our students and teachers:

Support Club Rainbow to help chronically ill children. Donate here https://tinyurl.com/KindnessToAll

For more information on aLIVE, you may find them at https://www.facebook.com/aLIVE.SG

Read more stories on children of Club Rainbow (Singapore) at https://www.clubrainbow.org/rainbowstories