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Youth aLIVE Discourse

Introduction to YAD

  • Aims to provide islamic Learning to be accessible and valuable for young people who have challenges attending a structured program due to other commitments.
  • Conducted twice a year in a lecture setting
  • This program brings international speakers to engage the minds and curiosity of the youths while providing youths a platform to air and discuss teir views on islamic worldview in the socio-religious life

YAD graph

  • YAD will cover three broad themes, Spirituality, Society and Lifestyle
  • The content will begin with issues concerning the individual.It then moves on to addressing community relations ; muslims and non-muslims communities and finally relations with Allah

Past Youth aLIVE Discourse events

USTAZ NOUMAN ALI KHAN - "Rediscovering the Fatihah"

Nouman Ali Khan is head of Bayyinah, an Arabic and Qur'an studies institute based in Texas. Over the last 14 years, his lectures have continued to focus on insights, nuances and literary appreciation of the Qur'an. He is also in charge of a 9 month full time Arabic and Quranic studies program, the only one of its kind in the U.S. Finally, ever since performing hajj this last year, he has dedicated himself to building, the most comprehensive Quran and Arabic video learning resource to date for families, adults and children at bayyinah.tv

Dr Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied, Ustaz Muhammad Fizar Zainal, Ustaz Muhammad Nasir Johari - "Glorifying Our Heritage, Emulating the Legacy"

Synopsis: Allah said in the Al-Qur'an: "You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind", Surah Ali-Iman, verse 110. Muslims aspire to excel in this worrl and the akhirah as envisioned by Allah. History bear witness to the excellence of Muslims and their contributions in many areas. The Muslims of the past developed cultures and civilisations that is renowned the world over even by today's experts.

Yasmin Mogahed - "Seeking Solace"

Synopsis: Many of us live our loves, entrapped by the same repeated patterns of heartbreak and disappointment. Many of us have no idea why this happens. Seeking Solace: Reclaim your heart is about freeing the heart from this slavery. It is about the journey in and out of life's most deceptive traps. Rightfully, this discourse on spiritual and personal development will awaken the heart and provide a new perspective on love, loss, happiness and pain.

Abu Productive - "3 Spheres of Productivity: Personal, Social, Spiritual"

Synopsis: Surah Al-Asr begins with "By the time. Verily! Man is in loss.." We all want success for this life and as Muslims, we want success for the hereafter too. No doubt, no one would want to fall into the group of men who are at loss. WE knoe that time is precious and in order to be successful, time management is important. The question is, how do we make sure we manage our time well?

Sarah Joseph - "Equality or Equity"

Synopsis: Did Allah create men and women as equals? Does Islam discriminate against women? Does the Quran and HAdith favours men and suppresses the right of women? What are the complimentary roles of men and women in Islam? Rightfully, this discourse on gender would not be complete if the complimentary role of men is not discuessed. The speaker will provide a balanced outlook of the rights of men as mentioned in our sacred literatures contextualising it to our modern society and diverse culture.

Dr Bashar Arafat - "The Search for One's Self: Taqwa as a Moral Compass"

Synopsis: The search for an identity is universal. Perhaps the story of Prophet Ibrahim in the Quran in Surah Al-An’am describes the struggle of a person in his search for an identity. In addressing the search for an identity, Taqwa(god-conciousness) should be used as a moral compass. This talk will cover the role of Taqwa in the formation of a religious identity. It aims to inform participants of the values that can be derived from Taqwa such as God-fearing, responsibility, accountability and inclusivity. This talk is suitable for young adults and youths as it is a topic close to their hearts and minds.