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Strengthening Madrasahs

Singapore’s full-time madrasahs play an important role in developing future generations of asatizahs with a strong grounding in both religious and secular subjects. As important institutions in our Muslim community, Muis has continually supported the madrasahs, students and teachers through financial support and grants. Madrasahs can then tap on opportunities and resources to strive to its full potential. Some of the grants available to the madrasahs are listed below.

Government-Muis Assistant Grant

The Government-Muis Assistant Grant comprises grants of up to $1.5 million given by the government to strengthen secular subjects. This amount is also matched by Muis to strengthen the religious subjects in the madrasah. The aim of these grants are to support the madrasah and improve the quality of the education in both the secular and religious sectors.

The Government-Muis Assistance Grant consist of 3 schemes namely the Madrasah Student Awards (MSA) , Financial Incentives for the Madrasah teachers (FI) and Teachers Training Support Grant (TTSG).

  • Madrasah Student Awards

    • This award seeks to reward students of the top 5% of best performance and top 5% of best improved awards for secular and religious results in hopes to uplift the overall performance of the students in the madrasah by incentivizing students to excel in their studies.

    • All Singaporean citizens studying in the 6 full-time Madrasahs at Primary 1 to Pre-University 2 level will be eligible for the awards.

  • Financial Incentives for Madrasah Teachers

    • The financial incentive scheme is to reward the eligible Madrasah teachers hard work by improving the salary of the Madrasah teaching force. It also recognises and rewards eligible madrasah teachers who possesses a recognised teaching certification.

  • Teachers Training Support Grant

               The Teachers Training Support Grant aims to further upgrade the skillsets of eligible madrasah teachers by continually ensuring that the Madrasah teachers get the trainings they require.

Dana Madrasah

Dana Madrasah (Madrasah Fund) was formed in 1994 with the objective of uplifting the standard of full-time Madrasah. Dana Madrasah, set up and managed by Muis since October 1994, is used to supplement the madrasah teachers’ salaries, for student capitation grants as well as teacher training and development. The Dana Madrasah fund typically raises about $1 million a year from the public, with contributions coming from individuals, institutional donations and Muis’ Zakat Fund.

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Wakaf Ilmu

The revenue generated through the investment of the Wakaf in capital guaranteed instruments and possibly properties in future help supplement and sustain Muis’ long term financial commitments on some of its key programmes specifically for the Islamic Education in Singapore.

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Madrasah Technology Grant (M-Tech)

Embracing technology is no longer an option but a responsibility that has to be undertaken seriously and systematically to match the learning needs of students and to prepare them to be future-ready.  As indicated in an OECD (2010) report, “people who do not master these (ICT) competencies may suffer from a new form of digital divide that may affect their capacity to fully participate in the knowledge economy and society”

Muis introduced the Madrasah Technology Plan (M-Tech Plan) in 2017. The aim is to support the Madrasahs in their Infocomm and Technology (ICT) plans. Observably the 6 full-time Madrasahs are at varying levels of technological integration in administration matters, student development and lesson delivery. Hence, to support the Madrasahs, the M-Tech Plan provides:

A roadmap to guide the development of Madrasahs’ ICT goals and Funding support for Madrasahs to achieve their ICT goals.

There are 4 main goals under the M-Tech Plan as listed below:

Primary goals
  1. develop students’ ICT literacy and competency
  2. accomplish student-centred lessons by leveraging on ICT
Supporting goals
  1. improve the ICT infrastructure for the smooth running of ICT lessons
  2. establish an IT-efficient administration and communication system