History of the Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund

  • Launch of the Mosque Building Fund (MBF)
  • 1984
    MBF expands into Mosque Building & Mendaki Fund (MBMF)
  • 2009
    MBMF supports Mosque Upgrading and Religious Education initiatives

During Singapore’s period of rapid urbanisation and development in the early 1970s, Muslims were resettled from their villages into Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats at new housing estates. Arising from this was the urgent need to raise funds to build mosques in these new estates.

Whilst the community was willing to contribute, traditional fundraising methods were too slow. An efficient way to raise a community fund from Muslim workers was then devised through the Central Provident Fund Board's collection system.

Every working Muslim in Singapore, including foreign workers and permanent residents, are to contribute to a community fund – the Mosque Building Fund. The MBF had one key purpose: to build a mosque in every new town.

In 1984, with the establishment of the MENDAKI Foundation, the MBF was then expanded to support Yayasan MENDAKI's educational and social programmes for the community and was renamed the Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF).

MBMF's role was further refined in 2009 to support religious education initiatives, as well as to include upgrading and revitalising older mosques.