• MBMF funds up to 80% of building and/or upgrading costs, while the remaining balance will be topped up by the mosque.

    At the same time, the MBMF is not meant for operating expenses such as payment for utilities and staff salaries, or maintenance and regular repair works. Mosques still need to raise funds for these purposes.


  • Dana Madrasah, set up and managed by Muis since October 1994, is used to supplement the madrasah teachers’ salaries, for student capitation grants as well as teacher training and development. The Dana Madrasah fund typically raises about $1 million a year from the public, with contributions coming from individuals, institutional donations and Muis’ Zakat Fund.

  • Madrasahs are currently categorised as private religious schools. Nevertheless, in view of the important role they play in nurturing the religious teachers for the community, the Government has been extending resources to the madrasahs in recent years.

    The Government extended the Edusave contributions to all students of school-going age, including madrasah students in 2013. The Government also extended the national examination fee waiver for secular subjects for madrasah students in 2015.


  • Beyond MBMF, MENDAKI has other sources of income which includes programme funding, Government matching grants, donations from individuals and organisations. Hence the increase in MBMF funding going towards MENDAKI will complement MENDAKI’S existing efforts and not replace it.

  • The MBMF contributions enable MENDAKI to run educational programmes such as the MENDAKI Tuition Scheme, which supports the academic development of 10,000 Muslim students of all races yearly.

    80% of MENDAKI students receive fee waivers while the remaining pay highly subsidised rates. The MENDAKI Tuition Scheme has benefitted close to 200,000 students in the past 34 years.

    The contributions also allow MENDAKI to provide various developmental programmes which benefit Muslims of all races.

  • The Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS) is a financial scheme that MENDAKI administers on behalf of the Government. The MBMF is not used to fund the TTFS, Supplementary Assistance Loan Scheme (SAS loan) and the Special Malay Bursary (SMB). The SAS loan, SMB and TTFS are educational assistance which have ethnicity as one of its eligibility criteria.

  • Non-Malay Muslims can benefit from the programmes both MENDAKI, Muis and other self-help groups, as long as they meet the criteria of the individual programmes.

  • It is not possible to have a like-for-like comparison with the Self-Help Groups as the MBMF funds the development of mosques and religious education that the other SHG contributions do not have. A larger portion of the MBMF funds is given to mosque building and upgrading.

  • Chinese and Indian Muslims contribute to these funds because these funds are used to help the respective communities. However, you may opt-out from any of the Funds if you wish to.


  • Currently, mosques and madrasah carry out their own fundraising projects and these have put a strain on their resources. The MBMF mechanism galvanizes the support of the whole community, for causes of key importance to the community. It also provides a more efficient way of raising funds and it allows mosque administrators, madrasah teachers and students to focus on their primary tasks of administering, teaching and learning.

    I am the only Muslim employee, so my employer does not want to deduct my MBMF. Can I send MBMF yearly to Muis?

    Yes, you may, and we thank you for your generosity.

  • Yes, you can. For this, you will have to complete a ‘Change Application’ form available on to opt out from the monthly salary.

    Thereafter, a one-off donation can be made by:
    Cash or Nets at Muis office;
    Cheque payable to Muis;
    Online at Muis website;
    AXS machines;
    Giro by filling up the ‘Mosque Building Giro’ form available on Muis website.

  • You may fill up the ‘Change Application’ form available on and indicate clearly your revised contribution in the respective fields.

  • The ‘Change Application’ form is applicable to employees who want to increase or decrease his / her MBMF contribution, and to opt-out from any one or all of the three components: Mosque Building, Religious Education, Mendaki.

    The ‘Change Application’ form is available on

  • It takes 2 weeks from the date the form is received to process the application.

  • For more information, you can visit Alternatively, you can contact us at:

    Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF)
    Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
    Singapore Islamic Hub, 273 Braddell Road
    Singapore 579702

    Tel: 6359 1159 (MBMF hotline)
    Fax: 6359 1149