Friday Prayer on Eve of Chinese New Year

As we anticipate that there may be a larger than usual crowd, 27 mosques will offer two sessions for Friday prayers on the eve of Chinese New Year, on 9th February 2024. All other mosques will conduct only one session as per normal.

Prayer Session Timings at Mosques

  • Session 1: 1pm 
  • Session 2: 2pm / 2.15pm*

NOTE: Booking is not required for both sessions

*Only 9 mosques will be conducting session 2 at 2:15pm. (All District East mosques and Masjid Ahmad from District West)

Temporary Site for Darul Makmur (only for Friday prayers)

Friday Prayer Timing:

Session 1: 1pm to 1.45pm

Session 2: 2pm

Address: Former North View Secondary School (Only entry point through the main gate beside Block 359/360)
       530 Yishun Ring Road
         Singapore 768680

Prayers will be conducted at the former school canteen area.

Mosque Lists



1 Assyafaah
2 Al-Istiqamah
3 Alkaff (Upper Serangoon)
4 Ahmad Ibrahim (Muslimah spaces available for session 2)
5 Darul Makmur Temporary Site (Details above)
6 Pertempatan Melayu Sembawang
7 Yusof Ishak


8 Abdul Gafoor
9 Angullia
10 Moulana Mohd Ali
11 Al-Abrar


12 Al-Mawaddah*
13 Al-Ansar*
14 Al-Islah*
15 Al-Istighfar (Muslimah spaces provided for Session 2)*
16 Alkaff Kampung Melayu*
17 Al-Taqua*
18 Haji Mohd Salleh (Geylang)*
19 Darul Ghufran*


20 Ahmad* (Muslimah spaces provided for Session 2)
21 Al-Iman (Muslimah spaces provided for Session 2)
22 Al-Khair (Muslimah spaces provided for Session 2)
23 Ar-Raudhah (Muslimah spaces provided for Session 2)
24 Assyakirin (Muslimah spaces provided for Session 2)
25 Darussalam 
26 Hasanah
27 Pusara Aman

*Prayer Session will be conducted at 2:15pm

Note: Mosques not listed above would only conduct 1 session for Friday Prayers on the eve of Chinese New Year

Updated as of 8 Feb 2024