Mosque-Friendly Scheme


The Mosque Convention 2005 was a significant landmark in identifying the key remodeling thrusts in shaping the mosques in the future. One of the key recommendations deliberated was to produce a more “friendly� mosque in terms of being Youth-Friendly (YF), Family-Friendly (FF) and Community-Friendly (CF).

The essence of the Mosque-Friendly Scheme is to invite and connect members of thecommunity to the institution of the mosque. For this to happen, mosques must be perceived and felt by the people from all walks of life to be approachable, all-embracing and resourceful. This is in alignment with the divine call to invite all with wisdom, beautiful preaching and engaging them in the best and most gracious way.


  • To guide mosques in meeting a set of Youth-Friendly, Family-Friendly and Community-Friendly initiatives.
  • To provide recognition to mosques who meet the initiatives.
  • To increase the participation of families and youths in the mosques and enhances mosques’ collaboration with other community-based resources


  • The scheme is effective from July 2006.

Mosque-Friendly Initiatives

To guide mosque being recognized as a mosque-friendly institution, the following initiatives have been identified. They are meant as a guide and a common yardstick to assist mosques in becoming a more mosque-friendly institution.

The key initiatives are basic features a mosque-friendly need to have and there are also ‘good-to-have’ features that are highly recommended for mosques to adopt. Recognition will be given to mosques who have taken the step and effort in implementing the initiatives.
Mosque-Friendly Scheme Assessment