Mosque Programmes

Mosques can play a major role in developing a religiously resilient & progressive Muslim Community through the Islamic Learning & Social Development programmes that they conduct.

The IL & SD programmes can be embedded in the Mosque-Friendly scheme.  The Mosque-Friendly Scheme aims to make mosques more Community-friendly (CF), Family-friendly (YF) and Youth-friendly (YF). 

Types of programmes

The following are just some of the activities run at the mosques in Singapore

Islamic Learning Programs Social Development Programs
Mosque Madrasah Home Based Learning
Mosque Kindergarten Empowerment Program
Quranic Literacy Class Mosque-School Partnership Program
Fardhu Ain Class (Islamic Foundation) Religious Counseling
Arabic Class Zakat Collection Centre
Class for Muslimah Mosque with Qaryah
Class on Hajj/Umrah Marriage Guidance Course
Kid's aL.I.V.E Special clinics
Teen's aL.I.V.E Anjung Budiman Club (Retirees)
Religious Queries Services Men's Club
Home-Based Islamic Learning Women's Club
Youth Club (Young Muslim Wing)
Children's Club
Free Religious Education Program
Financial Assistance
Tuition Program
Jenazah Services

Specialised Islamic Learning Centres Mosque
Darul Qur'an Kg Siglap
Darul Hadith Assyafaah
Darul Fiqh Al-Iman
Contemporary Islamic Thoughts Alkaff Kg Melayu
Islamic Thinkers En-Naeem
Islam & the West Darussalam
Arabic Language An-Nur
Islamic Civilisation Assyakirin
Al-Quran Learning Omar Kg Melaka
Darul Tafsir Al-Khair
Harmony Centre An-Nahdhah