Muis 50


Muis is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with the community in 2018. It is a good time to look back and reflect on our journey together, and look ahead to the coming days. We have been conducting a series of engagement sessions with our various partners to take stock of our progress over the years, and how we can stay relevant in the future, amidst a more diverse socio-religious landscape

We would now like to invite you, the Singaporean Muslim community, to take part in this conversation.

Muis in the next 50 years

For the last fifty years, Muis’ role has evolved together with the changing needs and preferences of the Singapore Muslim community. We can see this in the range of programmes offered to various segments of the community, tailored to different socio-economic, cultural and educational profiles. Today we see many ground-up initiatives and new partners offering services and solutions for the community. At the same time, maintaining community resilience continues to be absolutely essential in these challenging times. Is it time for Muis to take a step back and provide more space for the community to find their own way in managing differences and creating more organic bridge-building efforts?

Please put down your thoughts on these issues and send them to us via We also welcome your inputs on ways you can work with us in other important areas, as well as how we can improve our services. Do send us your contributions by 28 Feb 2018 so that we can factor this into our plans for the coming years.

Last updated on 22/01/2018