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About one-third of Wakafs in Singapore have nominated madrasahs as their beneficiaries.

By nominating a madrasah as your Wakaf beneficiary, you help to:

  • Perpetuate Islamic education. A portion of various Wakafs is dedicated to madrasahs to sponsor the education of our future religious leaders.
  • Sustain madrasahs. Existing Wakafs contribute to the sustenance of madrasahs, funding their maintenance and upkeep so that students can enjoy a conducive and comfortable learning environment.
  • Bolster the financial resilience of madrasahs. Funds from Wakafs help keep local madrasahs afloat by proving a sustainable source of income to pay for their key educational programmes and operations.


Madrasah Al-Arabiah Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah, one among six full-time madrasahs in Singapore.
Madrasah Wak Tanjong  Madrasah Wak Tanjong

All these would not be possible without the community’s support towards the Wakaf institution which strongly supports our local madrasahs.”

Chairman, Madrasah Management Board, Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah


We as trustees are merely continuing the beautiful legacy of our wakif to help those in need and to sustain religious institutions within the Singapore Muslim community. Today, Wakaf SMA Alsagoff celebrates more than a hundred years of legacy since its endowment.”

Former Mutawalli, Wakaf SMA Alsagoff (disburses to Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah)