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Strategic Objectives

The Zakat and Wakaf Strategic Unit's strategic priority is to promote the development of the Singapore Muslim Community by striving to fulfill its social and religious needs. As such, we have set four strategic objectives for Zakat which are:

  • To foster righteous and responsible Amils / Zakat officers.
  • To create a world class infrastructure and service for the Zakat payers.
  • To constantly educate the public on the obligations and virtues of Zakat.
  • To distribute the Zakat in the most efficient, fair and transparent manner as prescribed in the Quran.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the Zakat fraternity is depicted in the diagram below.


Mosques as Amil

Our Zakat Collection Centres (Mosques as Amil) are part of Muis' extended services which aims to provide "one-stop" information, collection of Zakat Fitrah and Zakat on wealth payments (such as savings, CPF, business, gold, shares and insurance), as well as donations (such as MBMF, Dana Madrasah, etc). Our Zakat officers at the mosques assist not only in Zakat collections but also Zakat promotion and public education, banking, servicing customers on enquiries and transactions for all other Muis' products.

Corporate Identity


The Zakat logo’s architecture strengthens Muis’ primary role as the Singapore Zakat Authority. The pure white space containing the organization’s identity reflects integrity and transparency. Guarded safely within is a rich gold dinar coin, a symbol of wealth with wisdom and stability. Leading these elements with unison is the Muis logo.

At the heart of the Zakat logo is the word Zakat in legible Arabic Naskh script. This signifies Muis’ key responsibility in illuminating and educating the Singapore Muslim Community with clarity on the third pillar of Islam, Zakat.

The Zakat logo’s colours, gradients and typeface reinforces Muis’ stature as the central Zakat authority of Singapore – confident, authoritative yet reflective.