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Enhanced Mosque Clusters

The 69 mosques in Singapore have been divided into five (5) clusters, namely Southeast, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and Central. With the introduction of the Enhanced Mosque Clusters (EMC) at Southeast cluster in 2007, financial and other supportive assistance for eligible Zakat-receiving families, are made more readily available through the network of mosques. Mosques work closely with the Community Development Councils (CDC), family service centres (FSC) and other community agencies to provide a more comprehensive & holistic support programme for Muis Zakat recipients. Apart from the financial needs of these Zakat recipients, great care is also taken to look into the spiritual growth of these families. Suitable Islamic learning programmes at the mosques are identified and customised to the needs of Zakat recipients and their family members. Many of these families have benefitted from the solat clinics, basic fardu ‘ain classes, aL.I.V.E. programmes and home-based Islamic learning (HBIL).