CPE Panel

The CPE Panel was appointed by Muis for a period of 3 years and will be renewed every ARS cycle (every 3 years). The CPE Panel consists of ARB members and Muis senior officers to oversee the development of CPE which includes:

  1. Provide overall direction for the CPE framework
  2. Ensure consistency across all training programs and pathways vis-a-vis the training framework and curriculum
  3. Review and approve training programmes provided in-house or by external providers


CPE PANEL 2020 – 2022

Ustaz Dr Mohammad Hannan Hassan

Deputy Mufti (Muis), Chairperson

Ustaz Mohd Kamal Mokhtar

ARB Representative

Ustaz Dr Mohamed Qusairy Taha

ARB Representative

Ustaz Ziyaudeen Ahmed Sirajuddeen

ARB Representative 

Ustaz Mahmoud Mathlub Sidek

Deputy Director, ARS Office (Muis)

Ustaz Izal Mustafa Kamar

Assistant Director, Religious Policy (Muis)

Mr Yazid Mohd Ali

Deputy Director, Asatizah Development (Muis)

Madam Azlina Manas

Senior Assistant Director, Sector Workforce Development (Muis)