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About Haj

To strive to be one of the Best Haj authorities in the world.

  • To shape religious life of haj pilgrims and align them with Islamic agenda for community
  • To develop a good system for the selection of qualified and suitable General Sales Agent (GSA)
  • To ensure that good processes and proper administration are in place
  • To liase with the relevant Saudi Haj authorities to safeguard the safety and welfare of haj pilgrims
  • To ensure that pilgrims have the necessary knowledge on Manasik (i.e Haj rituals)
  • To globalise Singapore's Haj services

1. Provide Selection of Haj Packages

  • Invitation for tender
  • Checking of accommodation
  • Signing of agreement
  • Evaluation
  • Security bond
  • Demerit points
  • Damage clauses

2. Haj Flights Arrangement

  • Flight scheduling
  • Charter agreement
  • Coordination with relavent authorities

3. Pilgrims Requirement

  • Vaccination
  • Briefing
  • Haj visa
  • Haj booklets
  • Medical Record Book

4. Provide Welfare and Medical Services in the Holy Land

  • Sending Doctors, Nurses and Assistant Pilgrims Officers
  • Setting up clinics and offices
  • Sufficient medical supply and equipment
  • Ambulance services

5. Post mortem/evaluation

  • Collate reports
  • Customer Satisfactory Survey
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Form panel of equiry
  • Attend to complains
  • Implement of findings
  • Continue to work closely with Saudi Authorities and MABIMS countries
  • To work towards unity in Haj manasik
  • Ensure the religious significance during performance of Haj and general interest of pilgrims are well protected
  • Globalise Haj Services