CPE Review



Arising from the Committee of Future Asatizah (COFA) recommendations in February 2020, Muis in partnership with the Asatizah Recognition Board initiated a review of the ARS-CPE programme in August 2020 to strengthen asatizah development with a greater emphasis on skills development aligned to the vision of the future asatizah. The review also incorporates the Skills Upgrading Plan as part of the second phase of the Asatizah Workforce Development Plan (AWDP).


Review Objectives

The main objectives for the CPE review are: 

  i. To refresh the CPE curriculum content for a stronger alignment to the vision of the future asatizah, including a stronger emphasis on skills development beyond the traditional focus on religious content. 

  ii. To explore alternative approaches in delivering CPE curriculum including tech-based platforms and those which facilitate the sharing of tacit knowledge e.g. communities of practice & mentoring. 

  iii. To strengthen asatizah knowledge & skills development to better address existing and emerging challenges. 

  iv. To facilitate more asatizah in meeting their CPE requirements.


Review Process

The CPE Panel used a Design Thinking approach to better understand asatizah’s perspectives on CPE, generate ideas and co-create solutions. Various stakeholder groups ranging from asatizah doing full-time, part-time and freelance work, employers as well as professionals were engaged for inputs and guidance.



Key Recommendations

Insights gained from these sessions, together with a study of current industry best practices and ideas generated from further engagements with asatizah, form the basis upon which the following recommendations were derived:

These recommendations will be deployed in phases over the next five years beginning in Q4 2021.