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Fatwa Committee

The Fatwa Committee assists the Mufti in process of fatwa deliberation and ensures that fatwas are deliberated comprehensively. The Committee is made up of Mufti as the Chairman, two qualified members appointed from among members of the Muis Council, two independent ulama who are not from among the members of Muis Council, as well as members recommended by the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs and Muis Council.

All members of the Committee are appointed by the President of the Republic of Singapore. Members will serve a three-year term from Sep 2022 to Aug 2025.


Mufti Ustaz Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir (Chairman)

Ustaz Mohamad Hasbi Bin Hassan

Ustaz Fathurrahman Bin Hj M Dawoed

Ustazah Dr Rohana Bte Ithnin

Ustaz Dr Firdaus Bin Yahya


Deputy Mufti Ustaz Dr Mohd Murat Md Aris

Deputy Mufti Ustaz Dr Mohammad Hannan Bin Hassan

Ustaz Ali Bin Hj Mohamed

Ustaz Mohd Kamal Bin Mokhtar

Ustaz Dr Mohamed Bin Ali

Ustaz Nor Razak Bin Bakar

Ustazah Raihanah Bte Halid


Ustaz Ahmad Haris Bin Suhaimi

Ustaz Dr Badrul Fata Bin Muhd Ridwan

Ustaz Irwan Hadi Bin Mohd Shuhaimy

Ustaz Dr Izal Bin Mustafa Kamar

Ustaz Kamaruzaman Bin Afandi

Ustaz Mahmoud Mathlub Bin Sidek

Ustaz Dr Mohammad Rizhan Bin Leman

Ustaz Dr Mohammad Yusri Yubhi Bin Md Yusoff

Ustaz Muhammad Ma'az Bin Sallim

Ustaz Muhammad Tarmizi Bin Abdul Wahid

Ustazah Nadia Hanim Bte Abd Rahman

Ustazah Dr Sakinah Bte Saptu

Ustazah Dr Siti Nur Alaniah Bte Abdul Wahid

Ustaz Dr Afif Bin Pasuni

Ustaz Muhammad Azri Bin Azman

Ustazah Nur Hafiza Bte Roslee

Ustazah Nur Khadijah Binte Ramli