The Muis Awards is the pinnacle award to acknowledge individuals who have made significant contributions to our socio-religious institutions, mosque sector, partner organisations as well as the larger Singapore Muslim society. These awards represent the highest honour for the Singapore Muslim community and are conferred by the President of the Republic of Singapore.

There are 3 categories of awards: 

I. Anugerah Jasa Cemerlang recognises exceptional leaders who have made outstanding contributions towards impacting the socio-religious landscape of the Singapore Muslim Community and beyond.

II. Anugerah Jasa Bakti recognises individuals who actively volunteered and made significant contribution to the Singapore Muslim Community.

III. Anugerah Belia Harapan recognises aspiring youth leaders (below 35 years) who have passionately devoted their time and talent in developing the socio-religious fields directly to Muis or within the Singapore Muslim Community.

Significant Milestones

Year Milestones 
 1979 Muis Awards started i.e. Ilmiyawan and Jasawan Awards
1990 Awards renamed to Anugerah Jasa Cemerlang and Anugerah Jasa Bakti
2003 President’s Challenge Cheque Presentation incorporated into Muis Awards presentation ceremony
2018 Muis50 Distinguished Awards and Inspiring Youth Award
 2023 Introduction of Anugerah Belia Harapan