What Muisians have to say




Khalid Shukur Bakri (Mosque Executive Chairman, North Mosque Cluster)

"I joined Muis because I felt a sense of duty and responsibility to uplift, provide and serve the Muslim community. Muis has provided me with numerous opportunities to grow, I was able to take part in cross-departmental committees (for both events and process reviews) and attended various opportunities such as leadership courses to hone my skills.

Being an MEC is a role that I take very seriously, as an MEC, we play a key role in bridging the community and Muis.

The spirit of togetherness, camaraderie and work life balance while serving the community in Muis is what I love most about the organisation."



Farah Aljunied (Director, Education & Student Development)

Every single moment in my last two decades in Muis has been exciting. I am grateful that Muis had given me numerous opportunities to grow professionally, develop intellectually and spiritually, implement new initiatives and observe many learning moments in leadership, servitude and courage. I have also been blessed to be given the support and opportunity to gain an additional degree and be offered a scholarship for my Master’s degree during my tenure. All these opportunities have only spurred me on even more to contribute further and add value to everything that I do to benefit my stakeholders – our community and society.
Currently, I lead the development and implementation of the revised Joint Madrasah System’s (JMS) primary and secondary level Islamic Studies Integrated Curriculum; supervise the three JMS madrasahs and the Mosque Based Kindergartens. I also guide the welfare and career related programmes and initiatives designed for Singapore students studying in Islamic Universities overseas.
So, what do I love most about being in Muis? It’s the camaraderie of my colleagues who are constantly finding ways to improve and serve the community better, the opportunity to do what I am passionate about and most importantly, it’s the trust and courage to explore new work areas for the betterment of the ummah. "


Ridhwan Basor (Head, Community Resilience)

As a Madrasah student for 13 years, I witnessed firsthand how Muis’ work impacts the Muslim community, in particular, the madrasah fraternity. That ignited a passion in me when I was young, to work in Muis. When I was in NUS, I did my first internship in Muis where I was paired with a supportive supervisor, I was able to propose new ideas and provide feedback. This experience further strengthened my resolve to join Muis.
Muis offers various learning opportunities for me. I was in the Office of the Mufti for 6 years where my work revolved around socio-religious issues. I was given the opportunity to take Digital Marketing Immersion programme offered by General Assembly (Singapore). This programme helped me better understand today’s complex digital economy and also enabled me to explore new areas of work. Now, I lead a Social Media Strategy team which looks at building the capacity of the religious fraternity for online engagements and outreach. This includes coming up with solutions to counter hate and false narratives online."


Liyana Amara Rosli (Assistant Head, Harmony Centre)

"I believe one distinctive difference in Muis is that they encourage you to balance both your professional and spiritual goals. It’s also great to see that Muis encourages camaraderie that makes you feel you are part of one big family. I particularly like how Muis encourages us to think critically and be involved passionately in reaching out to the diverse Muslim community. Being in Muis enables me to truly understand how the various divisions are working hard to meet the changing needs of the Malay-Muslim community in Singapore.
Liyana is based on Harmony Centre where she is in charge of enhancing community engagement and strengthening social cohesion. She looks at the diversity framework, conducts learning journeys and training programmes to enhance bonding between Muslim and other faith communities."