Clarification on MUIS - Malays Underrepresented in Singapore Facebook Page


This posting is by a page - MUIS - Malays Underrepresented in Singapore - which regularly attempts to discredit Muis.

This post, like many others, contains allegations which are passed of as statements of fact, but which are not and often cannot be verified.

The page also has a sister page which is even older, named MUIS - Muslims Underrepresented in Singapore, which echoes this and other irresponsible posts, with the same intent.

Muis is not against pages which are critical of us. In fact Muis welcomes genuine feedback so that we can do better in fulfilling our responsibilities and amanah to the community.

We totally agree that such poor service as alleged in the post would be totally unacceptable. Someone who needs help must be treated with respect.

Muis and our partners the mosques provide more than $1m in financial assistance to 4300 households every month. We train our officers in Muis to serve our beneficiaries with respect, and we (including our beloved Mufti) regularly engage our mosque officers to see how we can help them serve our beneficiaries better.

When we receive feedback, we act promptly to see what might have been done wrongly, and how things can be improved.

However, Muis has never received any response from the page admins for details of the case alleged in this post.

Thus, sadly, Muis cannot identify where this incident happened, and do anything to make things better in this case.

If you have experienced bad service yourself, please bring it to our attention immediately. Don’t keep it in your heart.

If you have read an allegation against Muis and have details we can act on, do come to us immediately. Our doors are open. We are deeply committed to serving you.

But please do not simply share posts like this which do not give a full picture and are not constructive in addressing real issues faced by families in need.

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