Clarification Regarding Article Alleging Muis' Reluctance to Provide Financial Aid to Needy Muslims

An article alleging Muis' reluctance to provide financial aid to needy Muslims is being circulated online.

This is not new. In fact, this has been clarified before in October 2019.

We totally agree that such poor service as alleged in the article would be totally unacceptable. Someone who needs help must be treated with respect.

Your annual zakat contribution benefits more than 14,000 Muslims in Singapore every month through zakat financial assistance. We train our officers in Muis to serve our beneficiaries with respect, and regularly engage our mosque officers to see how we can help them serve our beneficiaries better.

Muis had previously reached out to the page to obtain more details in order to investigate allegations of poor service but nobody has replied with any details, so Muis has been unable to take any corrective action.

Muis takes its responsibilities in administering disbursement of zakat very seriously and welcomes genuine feedback so that we can do better.

If you have read an allegation against Muis and have verifiable details we can act on, do contact us immediately at and 6359 1199. We are deeply committed to serving you.

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