Clarification on Misappropriation of Funds by Former Mosque Official and Volunteer

A former mosque official and volunteer has pleaded guilty to criminal breach of trust in regard to cash donations to a mosque. 

In 2013, Muis had detected financial irregularities at the mosque and referred the matter to the police. 

Muis does not tolerate any financial impropriety at our mosques. Muis has policies and procedures in place to ensure good governance in the mosques, and continuously reviews these measures to meet national regulatory standards and benchmarks. 

Over the past few years, Muis has conducted refresher training on Mosque Financial Regulations to mosque staff and members of the mosque management boards to create greater awareness on the importance of good financial management. Muis has also put in place regular independent audits on all mosques to ensure compliance with the Mosque Financial Regulations. 

This case should not tarnish the good name and the invaluable contributions of mosque leaders, volunteers and staff, who have been serving their community and congregation selflessly and with amanah (responsibility) through the years. Muis believes that our mosque sector will continue to give its best for our community and nation. 

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