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Singapore Pilgrims' Affairs Office (SPAO) in Muis strives to be one of the best Haj authorities in the world. We aim to:

  • develop good system for the selection of qualified and suitable General Sales Agents to sell Haj packages and to manage our pilgrims

  • ensure that good processes and proper administration in place in allocating the Haj applicants in the Singapore quota

  • liaise and collaborate closely with relevant Saudi authorities to safeguard the safety and welfare of our Haj pilgrims

  • globalise Singapore's Haj services.

Our core activities are: 

  • providing a range of haj packages available to our Haj pilgrims to choose from based on their affordability

  • providing welfare and medical services in the Holy Land through sending Medical Officers, Nursing Officers and Assistant Pilgrim Officers

  • allocating the eligible candidates to the official quota given by the Saudi authorities

  • ensuring the visa process completion and compliance with the requirements of Saudi authorities

  • providing sufficient notice of selection and pre-departure information to our pilgrims, and

  • ensuring the safety of our pilgrims' departures to the Holy Land and safe arrival to their loved ones in Singapore.