Muis' Response to Straits Times Article "Self-styled Prophet said to have Five Spiritual Wives"


10 November 2020

1. We refer to the Straits Times article “Self-styled prophet said to have five spiritual wives” published on 9 November 2020.

2. The said individual is not a qualified nor registered religious teacher under the Asatizah Registration Scheme (ARS).

3. Muis takes public feedback on such matters seriously. The Fatwa Committee had interviewed the individual soon after Muis had been alerted to the case in 2018 as the nature of his activities in the complaints appeared to be religious. He had denied any wrongdoing then and only admitted to offering spiritual healing. The Committee had subsequently administered a formal advisory to him to cease such activities immediately as he was not qualified to do so.

4. The article has raised new and alarming claims about his activities. While Muis is unable to independently verify if they indeed took place, practices such as having “spiritual wives”, gambling to help others, and describing oneself as a prophet are clearly deviant and a distortion to the Islamic faith. It is also an offence to conduct a religious school without being registered with Muis.

5. Muis will work with the relevant authorities to investigate this further and take the appropriate actions. We would also like to call on members of the public with relevant information to come forward to assist in investigations in this matter.

6. We would like to remind the community to protect ourselves and our families by seeking religious instruction only from those who are qualified and registered to do so. If there are individuals making dubious claims or propagating doubtful teachings, please verify with Muis or the Asatizah Recognition Scheme Office via