Investigation into Alleged Deviant Teaching of Self-Styled Prophet


27 November 2020

1. We refer to the case published by The Straits Times on 9 November 2020 (“Self-styled prophet said to have five spiritual wives”). Muis has issued a statement that it will be working with the authorities to investigate the matter, and we would like to thank members of the public who have come forward since then. We have also reached out to the ST reporter.

2. We would like to remind the community of the importance of seeking religious guidance and knowledge from credible and recognised asatizah. The Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) was set up to ensure the community has access to qualified asatizah and registered Islamic schools. ARS also has a Code of Ethics to ensure asatizah teach and behave in the manner which is expected of them, for the good of the community. Our mosques also organise religious classes such as ADiL and aLIVE, as well as talks and lectures for adults and children for those seeking religious guidance. Various religious content is also available online developed by the Asatizah Youth Network, on Salam SG TV and provided by our various mosques.

3. The community should utilise these resources, and seek guidance only from those who are qualified and registered to do so. We call on the community and families to look out for each other. They must be vigilant to the dangers of deviant teachings, and verify with Muis or the Asatizah Recognition Scheme Office if there are individuals propagating doubtful teachings.

4. As part of the ongoing investigations, Muis would like to repeat our invitation for persons: 

a. with credible evidence e.g. emails, documents, lecture notes, audio and video recordings, (particularly persons who were directly involved in the alleged group or in the religious classes), and

b. who are willing to testify on such matters,

to come forward and make submissions to Muis by 11 December 2020 for their investigations via email at or in person at the Singapore Islamic Hub.

5. Muis strongly urges the public to be socially responsible and not to use social media platforms to cast aspersions on individuals or share or publish their personal information, such as photographs.

6. Muis understands there are families and individuals who have been affected by the alleged group. We are reaching out to affected individuals who have approached us on the matter to render support and assistance.