Muis' Statement on the Detention of Singaporean ISIS Supporter


10 FEBRUARY 2020

1. On the case of the radicalised individual placed under detention order, Muis would like to categorically debunk the views that he was influenced to believe, i.e. that Muslims cannot live in a secular country and take up any roles in government or as the Head of State. The Singapore Muslim community is a clear example of confident Muslims thriving in our secular and multi-religious context and actively contributing to our public institutions and society as a whole.

2. There are three important points from this case that should continuously be emphasised:

    a.  The importance of a strong religious foundation for our young and guidance from credible religious teachers. Islamic education in Singapore is age-appropriate and tailored for the Singapore context, taught by trained and certified teachers in our religious schools.

    b.  The importance of a strong support network of family, teachers, and friends to whom the young can turn to. When an individual is exposed to misguided teachings, such a network can help refer the individual to the appropriate authorities and support the individual’s rehabilitation.

    c.  The danger of online predators who target susceptible individuals and influence them with misguided ideologies and use them for their perverted ends. This highlights the importance of inculcating digital literacy and online safety skills especially in our youth. 

3. Muis would like to urge the community to step up efforts to take care of and guide our young in their formative years, and help them develop a strong and positive foundation of knowledge and values. The MuslimSG app also provides religious guidance for a Muslims in Singapore. The community may also approach Muis at 63591199 or the Religious Rehabilitation Group hotline at 1800-7747- 747 if anyone sees early signs of concern in young friends or family members.