Muis' Response to MOH's Safe Distancing Measures


20 MARCH 2020

1. Muis understands and fully supports the safe distancing measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19, which are medically and scientifically grounded.

2. In preparing for the opening of the mosques on 27 Mar 2020, Muis has already been putting in place enhanced measures such as temperature taking and contact tracing, as well as incorporating safe distancing in religious activities at mosques.

3. Muis will seek guidance from the Fatwa Committee, to incorporate the additional measures while ensuring adherence to our religious requirements, to ensure that congregational prayers can be conducted safely in our mosques.

4. We look forward to opening our mosques, while ensuring they are safe spaces so that religious programmes can continue, while not compromising on the safety and well-being of the larger society.

5. We value the community’s understanding and cooperation for the necessary measures. This will safeguard the safety of our mosque congregation, particularly the elderly, as well as the larger Singapore society during these difficult times.