Theme for Ramadan 1441H/2020: Deepening Spirituality, Strengthening Resilience


14 April 2020

“Deepening Spirituality, Strengthening Resilience”

1. The theme for Ramadan for 1441H/2020 is Deepening Spirituality, Strengthening Resilience (Memperdalam Iman, Memperkasa Amanah). It calls for the Singapore Muslim community to remain resilient as we experience an unprecedented Ramadan this year.

2. With the disruption to traditionally observed communal activities of community gatherings and congregational tarawih prayers at the mosques, the community is encouraged to continue observing Ramadan meaningfully at home:

i. Focus on the core duties of fasting and helping the needy with our zakat.

ii. Retain the spirit of the community through alternative means by learning with our asatizah online.

iii. Continue to support the vulnerable and community through online contributions as Ramadan is about charity.

iv. Responsibility is one of the most important virtues and it is a testament to our faith – we must play a part to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

Building Resilience through Religion as Responsible Muslims

3. The Office of the Mufti recognises the critical role of the religious fraternity in guiding the Singapore Muslim community as new challenges arise amid the increasing severity of the COVID-19 developments.

4. Under their guidance, the local religious fraternity will actively convey how religion comprehensively demonstrates and builds spiritual, social, physical and psychological resilience, while emphasising the importance of social responsibility during the COVID-19 outbreak:

i. Spiritual Resilience: Being adaptive in our religious practices that transcends physical spaces through uplifting religious narratives, and the importance of non-ritual elements to deepen one’s spirituality.

ii. Social Resilience: Community to be united in supporting one another in times of need.

iii. Physical Resilience: Health is a responsibility (amanah), and that it also extends beyond caring for our own individual health, and by looking out for others.

  iv. Psychological Resilience: Staying mentally strong despite the tests we face; seeking help from family and others in the community if we need to.

  v. Social Responsibility: Sacrificing personal interests for the greater good to prevent causing any form of harm on the lives and health of individuals and the general public. This also includes being mindful of others and not inconveniencing them through unnecessary acts.

Ramadan 2020 Handbook – A Guide for the Community

5. The Office of the Mufti will also launch the Ramadan 2020 Handbook, “Contemporary Irsyad Series Vol. 2” to guide the community in practising their faith during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Handbook will emphasise the role of Singaporean Muslims as citizens in practising social responsibility to curb the transmission of COVID-19.

6. It will feature several religious advisories that have been issued during this outbreak. Other related religious queries that have been put forth by the members of the public will also be addressed.