Collective Efforts Supporting Muslim Migrant Workers in Ramadan

With the support of the community, Muis extended several initiatives to ensure Muslim migrant workers have a spiritually meaningful Ramadan

22 May 2020

1. Muis has been actively reaching out to Muslim migrant workers to render support for the religious needs in Ramadan, since the implementation of movement restrictions on workers in and out of the dormitories was enforced. This is key to ensure Muslim migrant workers here experience an equally and spiritually meaningful Ramadan amid the COVID-19 situation which has impacted them significantly.

2. Muis has been working closely with volunteers from the Singapore Bangladeshi Society who provided language expertise in translating advisories and infographics into Bengali. These included important religious information on observing Ramadan at isolation facilities and dormitories, prayer time table, fatwas (religious ruling), irsyads (religious guidance) and Ramadan Handbook. Having access to materials in their native language will ensure they remain updated on the latest religious guide and development, since mosques remain closed and face to face classes and consultations are suspended.

3. Together with the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach and Masjid Maarof, a total of 3,500 prayer mats and Ramadan care packs were also distributed to Muslim migrant workers living in factory-converted dormitories across Singapore. Muis further collaborated with The Food Bank Singapore to prepare and deliver the breaking of fast meals to 1,200 Muslim migrant workers staying in various factory-converted dormitories during the last 15 days of Ramadan.

4. A dedicated playlist for Bengali resources on SalamSG TV, a special YouTube channel providing socio-religious content for the Muslim community during Ramadan is made available with talks and sermons delivered by Bengali-speaking Imams. On the first day of Hari Raya, SalamSG TV will also be broadcasting the Hari Raya sermon by Mufti Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir, live in English with Bengali subtitles at 9.00 am, as Muslims in Singapore celebrate this year’s Hari Raya remotely.

5. The effort towards Muslim migrant workers also serve as a gesture to appreciate their contributions in the mosques, having volunteered to support in the preparation of breaking of fast meals during Ramadan as well as other volunteer duties for many years. Through these initiatives, Muis hopes that the observance of Ramadan, though changes in accordance with circumstances, does not make it any less meaningful, especially for the Muslim migrant workers. 


Factsheet - Ramadan Initiatives and Support for Muslim Migrant Workers