Safe Resumption of In-Person Muslim Marriage Solemnizations at ROMM and Designated Mosques

31 May 2020

1. On 19 May 2020, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced a phased approach to resuming activities safely from 2 June 2020. This advisory provides guidance to the gradual resumption of Muslim marriage solemnizations.

2. Since 18 May 2020, eligible couples can apply for Muslim marriage solemnizations through video-link. Video link solemnizations have been introduced so that couples can get solemnized safely while minimising the risk of community transmission of COVID-19. The Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) encourages eligible couples to use video link for their Muslim solemnization even after 2 June 2020, as this will be safer than in-person solemnizations and more family members can witness the solemnization via video link.

3. From 2 June 2020, ROMM will resume in-person solemnizations in the ROMM building. Couples are advised to check with ROMM on the availability of solemnization slots before making their preparations for the solemnization. All verification of documents and statutory declarations for eligible couples will be done via video-link. 

4. From 13 June 2020, couples can also choose to be solemnized at designated mosques. ROMM is working with Muis to finalise the mosques that are available for solemnizations. Couples are advised to check with their solemnizer on solemnization at the mosques. 

5. Couples and their solemnization party are to comply with the following guidelines for in-person solemnizations at ROMM and mosques:

a. No more than 10 attendees (excluding the solemnizer), i.e. the bride, groom, wali, two male witnesses (who may be non-family members) and five other immediate family members of the couple. For their own safety, the elderly are encouraged not to attend the solemnisation. 

  b. No physical interaction between attendees from different households.

  c. Maintain safe distancing among attendees at all times.

  d. Attendees must minimise their time in ROMM or the mosque.

  e. No reception after the solemnization.

6. ROMM and mosques will put in place safe management measures to protect attendees, religious workers and staff. These include clearly designated solemnization areas; ensuring no queues of attendees outside the premises; safe distancing among attendees, religious workers and staff; and one-way flow for entry and exit points.

7. These arrangements are part of ROMM’s and Muis’ efforts to ensure couples can proceed with their solemnizations in a safe and socially responsible manner during this COVID-19 situation.



For more details on in-person solemnizations at designated mosques, couples can contact their Kadi/Naib Kadi or email to or call 6337 0207.