Ongoing Investigations on Alleged Questionable Halal Certification Practices

17 June 2020

1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) had earlier invited members of the public, who have conclusive information and evidence on alleged questionable Halal certification practices, to write in to us by 15 June to assist in our investigations. Muis thanks all individuals who have come forward to provide their submissions.

2. Muis will carefully review the submissions that have been made, as part of the ongoing investigations, and a fuller update will be provided once the investigation process is completed. The investigation is led by Deputy Chief Executive of Muis, Dr Albakri Ahmad, and the team comprises officers who are not involved in the Halal Unit or its matters. The team reports directly to the Chief Executive. In addition, an independent review panel chaired by Muis Council Member and retired audit director from the Auditor-General’s Office, Mr Abdul Hamid Abdullah, has been established to review the process and findings of the investigation.

3. Muis would like to reiterate that the officer against whom the allegations were made is not part of the investigation panel. The officer is also currently not involved in handling matters related to recognition of Foreign Halal Certification Bodies (FHCBs) while investigations are ongoing, so as to facilitate the investigations.

4. Muis urges members of the public not to spread unsubstantiated information. Speculations and allegations, made without full knowledge of the facts and findings, are unnecessary and counter-productive. Muis notes that, since our last statement, there have still been various social media posts by individuals speculating on the outcome of the investigations. This has led to further confusion by members of the community. We urge for patience to allow for the investigation process to be completed.