Community Urged to Maintain Vigilance When Participating in Mosque Congregational Prayers

17 July 2020

1. For the coming week, mosques will continue to maintain the number of prayer spaces currently available for Friday congregational prayers. This includes keeping to 50 congregants per prayer session, in line with the guidelines issued by MCCY for all places of worship. This cautious approach aims to ensure our mosques continue to remain safe for the Muslim community.

The Need for Continued Vigilance

2. Muis was informed by MOH that there was a visit to a mosque recently by an individual who eventually tested positive for COVID-19. At the time of his visit, he was infectious but asymptomatic. However, he was not admitted to the mosque because he did not carry with him his own personal prayer item (sejadah), which reduced the risk of transmission to other congregants who were present at that time.

3. Before this case, there was an earlier case of an asymptomatic COVID-19 individual who visited Masjid Al-Ansar multiple times to perform prayers. MOH has assessed that there was only transient contact with congregants who were present, and thus minimal danger of infection.

4. Nevertheless, these are important reminders that the danger from the COVID-19 pandemic is still far from over, and the community must remain vigilant and practice safety measures so that our mosques remain safe. On their part, mosques will continue with their strict cleaning regime, maintaining safe distancing measures and practicing Safe Entry.

5. Muis also advises those who are unwell and vulnerable, that is, senior citizens aged 60 and above, children and those with chronic respiratory problems to continue to perform prayers at home and not visit mosques, in order to reduce the danger of infecting and being infected from COVID-19.

Available Prayer Spaces In Mosques

6. 48 mosques will continue to hold 3 sessions for the upcoming Friday prayers on 24 July 2020 (at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m). 17 other mosques will continue to hold 2 Friday prayer sessions. The complete list is included in Annex A.

7. Members of public can make reservations for upcoming Friday prayers (24 July 2020) from Tuesday (21 July 2020) from 10 a.m. onwards using the reservation portal as well as through the smartphone app. To provide more opportunities for those who have yet to perform Friday prayers at the mosque, those who have performed Friday prayers prior to 24 July will not be able to book a slot.

8. Muis will continue to review the situation in consultation with relevant agencies, and provide further updates if more spaces can be made available in due course.

9. Those who are unable to book a place for Friday prayers are still given the flexibility as advised by the Singapore Fatwa Committee, to replace Friday prayers with Zohor (early afternoon) prayers and can tune in to Friday sermons via SalamSG TV.

Annex A - List of Mosques Offering Friday Prayer Sessions on 24 July 2020