Muis' Statement on Recent Detention of Singaporean Youth as Announced by MHA


27 JANUARY 2021

1. Muis is concerned and saddened to learn about the arrest of the youth who was planning acts of terror targeting our mosques. We condemn all acts of terror and violence, which have no place in any religion. These acts will tear communities apart. This is a grim reminder of the ever presence of the threat of online radicalization, and together with social media pervading all of our lives, it brings the danger of extremist ideologies into our homes. We are all especially concerned for our youths.

2. Muis reminds the public that the case is an isolated incident, and we are fortunate that our security agencies were able to detect it early. Our religious institutions have also prepared for such scenarios under the SG Secure Framework and the Crisis Preparedness for Religious Organisations (CPRO) programme.

3. We are grateful that in Singapore, we have close bonds of friendship and trust among faith communities and their leaderships and will not allow any acts of terror by misguided individuals to threaten our social fabric.