Modified-Korban Ritual Remains for 2021

To Keep the Community Safe


21 May 2021

1. Due to the ongoing cases of community transmission of COVID-19 and with the recent additional safety measures under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), the Singapore Mosque Korban Committee (JKMS) 2021 will continue with the modified-Korban ritual this year.

2. The continuing worldwide pandemic makes the process of importing livestock into Singapore ever more difficult, and organising the Korban ritual remains challenging. In 2020, the modified ritual was very well received by the Muslim community as a safe alternative and as a way to preserve Korban in Singapore, a key component of Hari Raya Haji or Aidiladha.

3. This year, mosques will again facilitate arrangements for Muslims who wish to perform Korban during Hari Raya Haji, by having the ritual performed in Australia, and the meat chilled and shipped to Singapore. On arrival of the chilled korban meat, mosques will distribute the meat to individuals who have purchased sheep for the Korban ritual, and share a portion of the meat to low-income families and to the community in the days after Aidiladha.

4. As mentioned previously by Deputy Mufti, Ustaz Mohd Murat Md Aris, what is important behind the practice of Korban (udhiyyah1) is its essence, where Muslims make sacrifices as a demonstration of complete submission and obedience to God's will and command in sacrificing everything for His pleasure. Protecting the larger community from harm, in the current context of the pandemic alongside the rise in community transmissions, is one of the greatest responsibilities and sacrifices a Muslim can make. It is only fitting and in line with the spirit of Korban itself that this modified practice is continued this year, without sacrificing its essence or spirit.

Panel of Approved Korban Vendor List for Mosques

5. Additionally, in streamlining Korban procurement processes, JKMS conducted an open "Request for Proposal" (RFP) exercise to evaluate a list of vendors. From this panel, our mosques can quickly and easily select a partner from the list of korban vendors approved by Muis and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). These vendors have been assessed to have full compliance to all regulatory requirements for the import of meat products.

6. Furthermore, in following with Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures, JKMS and participating mosques offering Korban will ensure safe management measures are strictly observed during the entire Korban exercise.

7. In 2020, a total of 42 mosques offered the modified-Korban ritual and services, offering up to 100 sheep each, priced between $300 - $330 per sheep. All participating mosques adopted standard operating procedures, observed high hygiene standards, staggered distribution and collection slots, and adhered to strict safety measures.

8. More details for Korban registration this year will be released in the first week of June 2021.

1 Udhiyyah refers to the sacrificial animals that Muslims may offer, seeking Allah's pleasure during the days of  Aidiladha. Udhiyyah is, in fact, offered in memory of the great sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet  Ismail, were ordered to offer for Allah's sake — when Prophet Ibrahim was ordered in a vision to offer his son in  sacrifice for Allah's sake, and Prophet Ismail promptly consented. But Allah spared them the sacrifice and ordered  them to sacrifice an animal instead, as mentioned in the Quran.