Gradual Reopening of Mosques Under Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)

12 June 2021

1. In line with the new guidelines for worship services under Phase 3 (Heightened Alert), mosques are making preparations to offer more spaces for Friday congregational prayer in a safe manner, for congregants who have been fully vaccinated or successfully undergone Pre-Event Testing.

2. This will entail new procedures for Safe Entry Check-In at mosques, and Muis will provide more details in the coming weeks.

3. Muis will run a pilot on Friday, 25 June 2021 for 4 mosques1 to test these capabilities, as they open an additional zone per session for Friday prayers. Over the subsequent weeks, we will open up more spaces at more mosques if the situation remain stable.

4. As more congregants in the community complete their vaccination or get used to Pre-Event Testing procedures, Muis eventually hopes to be able to safely accommodate the maximum allowed number of places under Phase 3(HA). This is in line with the national strategy of Test, Trace and Vaccinate.

5. Do stand by for more information on this. You may also refer to or details on Pre-Event Testing. We will also provide more information on the resumption of other activities in the mosque, such as aLIVE classes, in due course.

6. In the meantime, mosques will continue to offer 50 places for congregational prayer every day, with bookings through the mosque online booking system.

7. We thank the community for its patience and cooperation in this journey with us to resume more activities in our mosque safely. 


[1] Masjid Al-Istighfar, Masjid Ar-Raudhah, Masjid Assyafaah & Masjid Mujahidin