Update on CPIB Investigations on Muis Officer

30 June 2021

1. On 15 Dec 2020, Muis issued a media statement on the outcome of Muis’ investigations arising from allegations made against its recognition process for Foreign Halal Certification Bodies (FHCBs).

2. The investigations have found that Muis’ processes are sound and the recognition and delisting of FHCBs had been carried out by officers in a fair and impartial manner and accusations alleging abuse of power by its officer was unfounded. Nevertheless, in the interest of accountability and transparency, Muis referred the matter to CPIB for their investigation.

3. CPIB has since informed that they will not take any further action with regard to the allegations of corruption involving the Muis officer in view of insufficient evidence, based on the information submitted by various parties and their investigations.

4. Muis would like to reiterate that we take all complaints and allegations seriously. We urge the public to raise any issues needing attention directly to Muis and/or the authorities instead of through third parties or to circulate on social media. Reports of any wrongdoings by officers in Muis will be investigated properly. Speculations in social media may even compromise the investigation process and have a detrimental impact on the reputation and morale of officers alleged even if later proven unfounded.

5. Muis would also like to update that a comprehensive review to further strengthen the FHCB recognition framework has made good progress. Muis also plans to engage relevant stakeholders to seek their feedback on the enhanced framework before it is implemented by the end of 2021.