Congregational Prayer at Mosques to be Adjusted for Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

20 July 2021

1. Muis is very concerned by the recent sharp rise in community infections. As Mufti reminded the Muslim community in his Aidiladha sermon, truly a believer feels for his brother when we are facing a crisis. For we all want for our brothers what we want for ourselves.

2. We give thanks that our mosques continue to be safe spaces for prayer, with measures in place to minimise the risk of transmission. We give thanks that we are keeping each other safe through our responsible behaviour.

3. In line with the national safeguards for places of worship, Muis will continue to offer 19 mosques with two zones per session for those who have successfully completed vaccination or undergone COVID-19 testing. The rest of our 47 mosques continue to offer 50 spaces per session.

4. Once again, we ask that the vulnerable, especially our elderly congregants who have not been vaccinated, to pray at home during this dangerous time. This is the rukhsah (concession) which has been granted by our learned religious leaders.

5. Our sense of patience, perseverance, love and unity is being tested. Let us come together, work together, and ensure the safety and welfare of ourselves and others.