Year-End Zakat Disbursement 2022

23 Decemeber 2022

Additional Year-End Zakat disbursed to more than 6,600 low-income households

1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) will disburse about $3.7 million of zakat through the annual Year-End Disbursement (YED) to 6,600 low-income households in 2022. This is made possible because of the strong support from the community through the zakat collection.

2. The YED is an additional financial support for Muis’ zakat beneficiaries, on top of the monthly zakat financial assistance that they receive. Muis disburses around $1.3 million of zakat every month to 5,000 low-income households requiring financial assistance.

3. The year-end is usually a time when families plan and budget for their expenses in the upcoming year and can be a challenging and stressful process for our zakat beneficiaries, especially those with school-going children. Muis believes strongly in ensuring that the zakat beneficiaries receive additional support during this period. Since 2012, Muis has been disbursing the YED which aims to supplement expenses for the zakat beneficiaries before the new school term starts.

4. The YED is inclusive of Reqab (Study) assistance of about $560,000 for families with children aged 18 years old and below. Through the YED, around 7,700 school-going children stand to benefit from this assistance, aimed at alleviating education and developmental expenses.

5. Eligible zakat beneficiaries will be notified through mail and can expect to receive their disbursement within the next three to four weeks.