Celebrate Ramadan with Families

More Ramadan activities return to mosques; Safe Management Measures remain in place 

28 March 2022

1. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Singapore Muslim community has adapted well to the changes required to their religious life, thanks to the clear guidance from the Fatwa Committee and the Office of the Mufti.

2. After the initial lockdown, congregational prayers have progressively resumed in mosques, in line with the guidelines for religious activities provided by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). Prayers and other activities are conducted with safe management measures in place, with gradual increases in congregation size in tandem with the national situation and guidance. The community has embraced new norms, such as the emphasis on personal hygiene, wearing of masks and bringing personal prayer items.

3. This year, Muslims in Singapore are expected to observe Ramadan from 3 April to 2 May. With the national streamlining of safe management measures, Muslim community can once again look forward to Ramadan worship services in mosques this year.

4. Many of the Ramadan activities suspended in previous years will resume in a more controlled and regulated manner. This resumption of more religious activities, however, will not mean a return to pre-COVID Ramadan. These safe management measures remain for the safety of congregants and to reduce the risk of transmission, but the easing of measures allows us greater flexibility to ensure a positive experience for congregants during this year’s Ramadan.

5. Muslims are encouraged to break their fast at home and perform their Maghrib prayers with their families. They may then proceed to the mosques to perform Isyak and Tarawih prayers. The community may also participate in other Ramadan activities such as recitation of the Quran, night prayers and religious lectures which mosques are able to offer.

6. As the community navigates towards the post COVID-19 endemic period, Muis still strongly emphasises the importance of a cautious approach as more religious activities are resuming, and the need for the close cooperation of the community. We also note the national posture of observing new developments to pandemic, such as the possibility of new strains and community outbreaks, which may necessitate further calibration and adjustments to religious life.

7. We seek the support and understanding of the Muslim community to continue to be socially responsible, to show compassion and support to mosques’ staff and volunteers and safeguard public health as we perform our religious obligations in our mosques.

For more information on Ramadan, visit https://go.gov.sg/ramadansg2022



Annex A - Ramadan Activities, Continued Support for Low-income Families and Ensuring Safe Resumption of Religious Life