Additional Ramadan Zakat Disbursement

Special bonus to share the joy of festive period

27 April 2022

1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) will disburse an additional $2,260,000 of zakat to 7,200 poor and needy households (in addition to their monthly zakat assistance) as part of the Ramadan Disbursement this year. The disbursement is a provision for the poor and needy Muslims here who are existing beneficiaries of the monthly zakat financial assistance (FA) and it is offered during Ramadan as a gesture to share the joy of the festive period.

2. The additional cash disbursement is also extended to selected recipients of ComCare’s Long Term Assistance (including their family members), selected households referred from Family Service Centres, as well as children and elderly residents of selected welfare homes.

3. Beneficiaries will receive a cash disbursement of between $150 - $1,000 depending on the household size. Eligible beneficiaries for the Ramadan Disbursement has been notified through mail and can expect to receive their disbursement within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Food and Hamper Deliveries as Blessings of Ramadan

4. In the spirit of spreading further Ramadan cheers, Muis will also be delivering gift hampers to more than 250 ComCare Long-Term Assistance beneficiaries and residents from over 40 welfare homes and institutions, as well as food for buka puasa (breaking of fast) to selected welfare homes.

Strengthening the Community through Zakat

5. The additional disbursement, the food and hamper deliveries are only possible due to the strong support from the Muslim community who have contributed generously through the annual zakat collection. Zakat is a key institution that serves to strengthen the Muslim community by channeling contributions to specified groups (asnaf), including the poor and needy. We appreciate the community’s strong support and contributions towards zakat, as we work in concerted efforts to continue uplifting the Muslim community.