Muis’ Response to Malaysia’s Suspension of Slaughtering Approval for an Australian Abattoir

16 May 2022

1. It has been brought to Muis’ attention on the joint media statement issued by Malaysia’s Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and Veterinary Services Department (JPV) on 14 May 2022 regarding the suspension of the slaughtering approval for an Australian abattoir with immediate effect until a thorough investigation is done with regards to allegations of serious non-compliances.

2. We note that the abattoir concerned, Thomas Foods International Lobethal, is accredited by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to export meat to Singapore. Based on SFA’s checks, imports from the establishment had met food safety requirements. Slaughtered and/or processed meat in this abattoir is certified halal by the Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia Inc (SICHMA).

3.     Muis is presently working with SFA to ascertain relevant information on the abattoir from the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE).

4. SICHMA is listed as one of the Muis-recognised Foreign Halal Certification Bodies (FHCB) under the previous recognition framework and has submitted a fresh application for recognition under the enhanced Muis FHCB framework which was introduced recently. Muis’ decision on the renewal of SICHMA’s recognition application is still pending. If the outcome of the investigations establish that there are serious lapses by SICHMA, Muis may decide not to renew SICHMA’s application to be a Muis-recognised FHCB.

5. Muis would like to assure the community that it is fully committed to ensuring requirements for the dietary needs of the local Muslim community continue to be met.

6. We will continue to maintain public confidence in the imported halal meat or products used by our certified food establishments and manufacturers in Singapore as well as for the slaughtered meat at the upcoming Korban that will be conducted in Australia and meat flown to Singapore.

7. Muis would also like to urge the community not to speculate or spread unverified information regarding the matter while the investigations are ongoing.