Appointment of the 19th Muis Council

19 August 2022

1. The 19th Muis Council has been appointed to guide Muis’ continued efforts to support the development of a sustainable religious sector and socio-religious needs of our Muslim community in Singapore.

2. In addition to the President of Muis, the Chief Executive and the Mufti, the Muis Council consists of persons recommended by the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs as well as those recommended by the President of Muis from a list of nominations by the various Malay/Muslim organisations. The Council members have been appointed by the President of Singapore under Section 7 of the Administration of the Muslim Law Act (AMLA), and will serve a three-year term, with effect from 7 August 2022.

3. The new Council comprises senior and emerging leaders with diverse backgrounds from the education, public service, corporate, religious, and social sectors. The extensive experience of the seven Council members who have been re-appointed will be complemented by the fresh perspectives of the 10 new Council members. Overall, this will strengthen the Council’s ability to steer Muis along its key strategic thrusts over the next three years.

4. Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, said that the appointment of the 19th Muis Council underlines the importance of Muis being a forward-looking organization that has the trust and capabilities to support the community in navigating increasingly complex socio-religious challenges.

“As the overall decision-making body of Muis that is responsible for the formulation of religious policies and its operational plans, the Council plays a critical role to ensure that our community’s socio-religious needs are looked after. To achieve this, a leadership that combines the wisdom of the experienced with the passion of the young is necessary. I am confident that the new Council will be able to contribute extensively and offer guidance on a wide range of issues to bring Muis forward.”

5. Chief Executive of Muis, Mr Kadir Maideen, said that the 19th Muis Council will offer a more holistic perspective when deliberating issues.

"Muis constantly looks at opportunities to expand the Council with members that have specialised knowledge and views. This is to better understand and address issues that the community is facing currently and in the future. The 19th Muis Council brings with them niche expertise, knowledge, experiences, and wisdom which will benefit Muis and the community.”