Singapore Allocated 900 Places for Haj 1444H

9 January 2023

Resumption of Registration for Haj

1. The Ministry of Haj and Umrah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allocated 900 places for Singaporean pilgrims for Haj 1444H/2023 season.

2. Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, Mr Masagos Zulkifli signed the Haj agreement with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, while attending “The Conference and Exhibition for Hajj and Umrah Services” in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Background - Haj Registration in Singapore

3. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allocates 900 spaces for pilgrims from Singapore every year. This number is subject to review and confirmation based on the prevailing conditions and the decision of the Ministry of Hajj of the Kingdom. For example, no spaces were allocated during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, as Saudi Arabia began limited resumption of Haj, 407 spaces were allocated for Singaporean pilgrims.

Allocation of Places - Haj 2023

4. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) will be allocating the 900 places for Haj 2023 to potential pilgrims who have already registered for Haj in the Advance Haj Registration System (AHRS) and who are able to meet the conditions and requirements for Haj 2023. Places are allocated based on registrants’ position in the queue in the AHRS.

5. Over the next few days, Muis will be issuing Letters of Intent to eligible pilgrims in the system. Through this Letter of Intent, potential pilgrims will confirm that they are interested to be considered for Haj 2023 if offered a place. Potential pilgrims are strongly encouraged to reply to Muis within the stipulated timeline.

Resumption of Application for Haj

6. As of 1 Jan 2020, there were 35,000 prospective pilgrims already registered in the AHRS and awaiting their turn to perform Haj. In view of this large backlog, as well as the COVID situation, Singapore had suspended new applications for Haj in 2020.

7. With the restoration of its annual quota as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia resumes post-pandemic operation of the Haj, Singapore is now able to begin clearing the current backlog in the AHRS and allow new applications for Haj by prospective pilgrims. Accordingly, Muis is reopening registration for Haj for Singaporean Muslims on 21 Feb 2023. Registration will be through the new portal, MyHajSG.

Application Fee

8. Each registration will include an application fee. In recognition of the current economic conditions as we move out from the pandemic, Muis will provide a subsidy of $90 to ensure that fees remain affordable, and new registrants need only pay an application fee of $240, which is equivalent to the fee before registration was suspended during the pandemic.

9. This application fee will gradually increase to $285 from 1 Jan 2024 till 31 Dec 2025; and $330 from 1 Jan 2026 onwards, to reflect the increasing costs of administering the Haj registrations. The abovementioned fees are not inclusive of prevailing GST.


10. All registrations and Haj-related transactions are carried out through the new portal MyHajSG. Access to the system is through the use of Singpass.

11. With the online Haj registration system, there is no need for physical registration at Muis. Prospective pilgrims who are registered can track their application from their personalised dashboard which indicates their registration number, registration date and time, current status of registration and number of applicants in front of them in the waiting list.

Updating of Particulars in MyHajSg

12. Since Sep 2022, Muis has reached out to existing registrants in the AHRS to update their contact details as well as those of their Next-of-Kin’s (NOK) in the MyHajSG portal. so that they can remain contactable. This is extremely important, so that they may be contacted should they be eligible to be offered a place; Subsequently, successful pilgrims who are offered a Haj place will receive notification alerts via SMS and email.

13. For assistance in navigating the MyHajSG portal, prospective pilgrims may refer to the e-Resources (e.g. video guides and FAQs) embedded in the Muis’ Haj webpage (


14. On behalf of the Singapore Muslim community, Muis would like to express our deepest appreciation to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its efforts and strong commitment to enhance the welfare and safety of pilgrims while performing the fifth pillar of Islam.

15. Muis trusts that the new MyHajSG will facilitate Haj registrations more efficiently and conveniently for prospective Haj pilgrims. Muis would like to advise prospective pilgrims to make early preparations to perform their Haj. They must be physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially ready when they receive the notification letter from Muis.

16. Muis would also like to express its appreciation to the prospective pilgrims for their patience to fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam. May Allah swt grant their wishes to perform their Haj in time to come.