Ongoing Efforts for Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

19 October 2023

1. Muis is saddened by the latest developments in the conflict involving Palestine and Israel.  This new wave of violence has led to the loss of many innocent lives. The Israeli-Palestinian crisis has a long and convoluted history. Muis is appalled at the humanitarian crisis occurring in Gaza, particularly the closure of the humanitarian corridor for assistance, as well as events occurring which are in violation of international law.

2. Since the conflict started, we have prayed continously that the parties involved will be shown the courage and compassion to resolve their differences in peaceful means. Muis and the Office of the Mufti have been encouraging mosques to conduct recitation of qunut nazilah, as well as special supplication during khutbah and Friday prayers. Muis has also worked with to offer religious guidance in response to the crisis for Muslims affected by the ongoing tribulations in Gaza.

3. As we are currently seeing no quick end to the crisis, Muis is encouraging the Muslim community to continue offering supplication. Several mosques1 will be making a special prayer session (solat hajat) on Friday (20 October 2023), as well as over the weekend, for the victims of the conflict and for peace and stability to return swiftly to the lives of those affected by the escalation of the conflict. Muis urges the Muslim community to join in this prayer for peace.

4. Mufti has also met religious officers in the mosque to give them guidance on this matter, as well as meeting Muslim youth to give some advice and perspective on the dealing with the range of emotions we feel as we see the reports of tragic events unfolding in the conflict, and leading the youth in a prayer for Palestine.

5. Mosques are also encourged to continue reciting qunut nazilah at every congregational prayer, and not only during Friday prayer. Muslims are also encourged to include recitation of qunut nazilah at every prayer, whether when performing prayer individually or with family members at home. A step-by-step guide for reciting qunut nazilah can be found here.

6. Beyond prayer and supplication, Singapore Muslims can show support by contributing to legitimate humanitarian efforts. The Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation2 is currently conducting an online fundraising appeal via multiple platforms till Tuesday, 31 October 2023 to support the urgent needs of survivors and affected communities. The Foundation is working with an aid organisation which has been embedded in Gaza since its formation. Contributions from the community will help in ensuring residents in Gaza to have access to essential services, including clean water, food, healthcare, and sanitation.

7. Muis once again reiterates the need for the community to respond in a calm and constructive manner in dealing with the current conflict in Palestine, guided by compassion and rahmah following the way of the Prophet. May Allah s.w.t grant His mercy and blessings to all affected by this conflict, and may He grant safety for the innocent.



Full list of mosques conducting Solat Hajat can be found in Annex A

2 Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation (RLAF) is collaborating with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) for these fundraising efforts. UNRWA currently has eight operational health centres in Gaza, providing critical health services.

Annex A - List of Mosques Conducting Solat Hajat (updated as of 20 Oct 2023)