Zakat Fitrah Rates for Ramadan 1444H/2023


22 March 2023

1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) wishes to announce that the Zakat Fitrah rates for Ramadan 1444H/2023 are S$5.00 (normal rate) and S$7.70 (higher rate) per person.

2. Zakat Fitrah is an obligatory contribution by all Muslims during the month of Ramadan. The Zakat Fitrah rate is determined by the Muis Fitrah Committee based on the country’s staple food. As rice is the staple food in Singapore, the rates are derived from the median price of 2.3kg of each grade of rice – normal and higher – as generally consumed by the local Muslim community. Higher grade rice refers to more expensive premium rice such as brown rice and basmati rice.

3. Muis introduced the two-tier Zakat Fitrah rate in 2005 to facilitate Zakat contributors who may wish to contribute more than the normal rate (i.e., Muslims who consume higher grade rice). Zakat contributors may choose the rate that is most suitable based on their daily consumption.

4. Zakat Fitrah must be fulfilled during the month of Ramadan and before Hari Raya Aidilfitri prayers. However, the Muslim public is advised to fulfil their Zakat obligation early ahead of celebrations.

Minor Movements in Price of Rice

5. Given the slower economic growth projected in 2023 and increasing consumer prices, Muis has been monitoring the prices of rice in Singapore more frequently in the last few months. Our assessments showed that there is a slight decrease for prices of normal grade rice, and a slight increase in the prices of higher-grade rice.

6. These minor price movements led to $0.10 decrease in the normal Zakat Fitrah rate and $0.10 increase in the higher Zakat Fitrah rate – compared to Ramadan 1443H/20221.

New SalamSG Pay Self-Service Kiosk for Zakat Contributions

7. Muis highly encourages the Muslim community to fulfil their Zakat Fitrah and Zakat Harta obligations digitally via online methods to prevent long queues at mosques. Moreover, digital payments will allow for greater convenience, regardless of time and location, whilst providing the same blessings as fulfilling these religious obligations at the mosque.

8. To further facilitate digital transactions, Muis via the SalamSG Movement is piloting the new SalamSG Pay Self-Service Kiosk at 16 mosques. Contributors can fulfil their Zakat Fitrah and Zakat Harta payments easily via the kiosk terminals using their Debit Card. Besides Zakat, there is also a Self-Service Kiosk for digital mosque donations.

9. These Self-Service Kiosks are available at the following mosques:

  a) Al-Ansar (Bedok)

  b) Al-Falah (Orchard)

  c) Al-Islah (Punggol)

  d) Al-Istiqamah (Serangoon North)

  e) Al-Mukminin (Jurong East) 

  f) Al-Muttaqin (Ang Mo Kio)

g) An-Nur (Woodlands)

  h) Ar-Raudhah (Bukit Batok)

  i) Assyakirin (Taman Jurong)

  j) Darul Aman (Eunos)

  k) Darul Ghufran (Tampines) 

  l) Khalid (Joo Chiat) 

  m) Muhajirin (Braddell)

  n) Mujahidin (Stirling)

  o) Pusara Aman (Lim Chu Kang)

  p) Sultan (Kampong Glam)

10. Other digital payment methods for Zakat Fitrah & Zakat Harta include: 

  a) For both Zakat Fitrah & Zakat Harta

i. Online via ZakatSG website,, using PayNow or Debit Card 

ii. DBS, POSB, PayLah app, or internet banking at

iii. CIMB Clicks at

iv. AXS Stations island-wide using ATM Card, Debit Card or NETS

v. AXS e-Station ( using Debit Card, PayNow, DBS Paylah!, eNETS

vi. AXS m-Station (mobile app) using Debit Card, NETS, DBS Paylah!, OCBC PayAnyone

vii. OCBC Al-Wadiah

viii. Cheque made payable to Muis

b) For Zakat Harta only

a) OCBC Al-Wadiah

b) Monthly instalments via GIRO (download the GIRO form at

Enhanced User Experience

11. To provide a better online experience for muzakki (Zakat contributors), Muis recently enhanced the payment portal of the ZakatSG website. The refreshed portal includes a brand-new calculator that simplifies the calculation of different types of Zakat. It also provides a more user-friendly interface that will make the payment process easier.

12. Muis is also introducing Singpass registration on the ZakatSG website and the new SalamSG Pay Self-Service Kiosk. This is an effort to simplify payer registration and allow muzakki to keep track of their obligatory and non-obligatory religious giving (Zakat, Fidyah and mosque donations made to OurMasjid.SG). This integration will allow payers to easily access their payment history and receipts for all transactions. All existing and new users are required to create an account on the refreshed portal to enjoy the new features.

Security Advisory

13. As the community moves towards becoming more digital savvy, Muis urges all users to remain vigilant and put in extra effort to protect themselves against potential scams and phishing attacks when transacting online.

14. Users on the ZakatSG website are encouraged to read the security advisory to identify key security features to reduce the risk of them being targeted by scammers. These features include:

  a) Accessing the authentic and secure Zakat Singapore website and payment portal

  b) Discerning legitimate communications from Zakat Singapore

  c) Learning to protect one’s Zakat account

  d) Recognising scams and phishing attempts

  e) Protecting oneself from scams and phishing attempts

15. For more information, please contact Muis at 6359 1199 (Hotline).



1 The Zakat Fitrah rates for Ramadan 1443H/2022 are S$5.10 (normal rate) and S$7.60 (higher rate) per person.