Singapore Pilgrims’ Affairs Office Conferred Prestigious Labbaitum Award

2 July 2023

1. The Singapore Pilgrims’ Affairs Office (SPAO) was conferred the prestigious Labbaitum Award by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for providing efficient services as well as quality and creative initiatives to Singaporean pilgrims during this Haj season.

2. Head of Delegation Mr Sa’at Abdul Rahman and Head of SPAO Mr Kadir Maideen received the award from Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr Tawfiq Fawzan Al Rabiah at the Haj Closing Ceremony in Makkah.

3. The PilgrimSG mobile application which was devised by SPAO is one of the key features that further enhance Singapore pilgrims’ experience while performing the Haj. The app provides real-time information on pilgrims’ movement and activities and also allows pilgrims to book their medical consultations.

4. A unique feature of the app enables pilgrims to use a 'hot button' to request for assistance. This information will be routed to the SPAO team for immediate attention.

5. SPAO was evaluated against 30 other countries' offices with less than 3,000 pilgrims for this award. Mr Kadir commended the SPAO team for its unwavering commitment to ensure Singaporean pilgrims enjoy a seamless and meaningful Haj journey. He further extended his appreciation to the appointed travel agencies providing Haj services, the Singapore Consulate Office in Jeddah and Saudi’s authorities for their unyielding support to our team.