Zakat Discrepancies at Masjid Al-Istiqamah

15 August 2023

1. Every year, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) appoints several mosques as Authorised Zakat Collection Centres to facilitate the collection of Zakat Harta. As part of Muis’ internal checks to strengthen governance and proper administration of Zakat funds, Muis conducts regular audit on the Zakat system to ensure proper procedures are adhered to.

2. During one of these regular checks, Muis detected suspicious Zakat transactions involving cash payments by members of the public at Masjid Al-Istiqamah (Serangoon North). Muis has lodged a police report to investigate on the matter further.

3. Muis wishes to reiterate that the Zakat system is robust and is able to detect discrepancies which indicate possible wrongdoings. Our Zakat officers and supervisors also undergo several training sessions to be fully-equipped with the right skills to operate the system and be familiarised with the standard operating procedures (SOP) when dealing with digital and cash transactions from the public.

4. Masjid Al-Istiqamah has temporarily suspended all Zakat collections over the counter, including cash. Jemaah who wish to fulfil their Zakat may do so digitally via the SalamSG Pay Self-Service Kiosk located at the mosque, or to fulfil their Zakat online via Those who wish to fulfil their Zakat via cash over the counter may consider going to other mosques in the vicinity such as Masjid Muhajirin (Toa Payoh), Masjid Al-Muttaqin (Ang Mo Kio), or Masjid En-Naeem (Hougang).

5. Pending the outcome of the police investigation, Muis will review the current SOP and if necessary, to implement additional measures to further strengthen the Zakat system and processes.

6. Zakat payers who wish to get in touch with Muis may email us at, or call 6359-1199.