Zakat Fitrah Rates for Ramadan 1445H/2024

9 March 2024

1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) is pleased to announce that the Zakat Fitrah rates for Ramadan 1445H/2024 will remain unchanged at S$5.00 (normal rate) and S$7.70 (higher rate) per person.

2. Zakat Fitrah is an obligatory contribution by all Muslims during the month of Ramadan. The rates are determined by the Muis Fitrah Committee based on the country’s staple food, which is rice. The rates are derived from the median price of 2.3kg of each grade of rice – normal and higher – as generally consumed by the local Muslim community. Higher grade rice refers to a more expensive premium rice such as brown rice and basmati rice.

3. In determining Zakat Fitrah rates, checks were conducted on prices of rice for several months between 2023 and 2024. The committee concluded that the average price of each grade of rice remains relatively unchanged. The committee also took into consideration the higher cost of living expected in 2024, thus maintaining the rates to facilitate more families during this period of increased expenses.

4. Muis introduced the two-tier Zakat Fitrah rate in 2005 to facilitate Zakat contributors who may wish to contribute more than the normal rate (i.e., Muslims who consume higher grade rice). Zakat contributors may choose the rate that is most suitable based on their daily consumption.

5. Zakat Fitrah must be fulfilled during the month of Ramadan and before Hari Raya Aidilfitri prayers. However, the Muslim public is advised to fulfil Zakat obligations early ahead of celebrations.

More SalamSG Pay Self-Service Kiosk Deployed for Zakat Contributions

6. Muis encourages the Muslim community to fulfil Zakat Fitrah and Zakat Harta obligations via online to prevent long queues at mosques. Digital payments facilitate greater convenience, regardless of time and location, while providing the same blessings as fulfilling these religious obligations at the mosques.

7. Muis piloted the SalamSG Pay Self-Service Kiosks at 16 mosques in 2023 to assist congregants who wish to fulfil Zakat obligations digitally with ease through Debit card payments. Muis is extending this service to include more mosques this year.

8. The self-service kiosks will be placed at 16 more mosques in phases starting from this Ramadan. See Annex on list of new and existing locations of the SalamSG Pay Self-Service Kiosks.

Other Digital Payment Modes

9. Additionally, Muslims can fulfil Zakat obligations digitally via the following:

  A. For both Zakat Fitrah & Zakat Harta

  a) Via ZakatSG website,, using PayNow or Debit Card

  b) DBS, POSB, PayLah app, or internet banking at

  c) CIMB Clicks at

  d) AXS Stations island-wide using ATM Card, Debit Card or NETS

  e) AXS e-Station ( using Debit Card, PayNow, DBS PayLah!, eNETS

  f) AXS m-Station (mobile app) using Debit Card, NETS, DBS PayLah!, OCBC PayAnyone

  g) OCBC Al-Wadiah

  h) Cheque made payable to Muis

  B. For Zakat Harta only

  a) OCBC Al-Wadiah

  b) Monthly instalments via GIRO (download form at

Enhanced User Experience

10. Zakat donors are encouraged to register and create an account with Designed to provide seamless and personalized experiences in fulfilling Zakat obligations, aims to unlock benefits and features that will enhance Zakat donors’ charitable giving journey.

11. Educational resources, FAQs and guidance on Zakat obligations as well as the principles of charitable giving are furnished as part of the enhanced user experience. User accounts on also allows Zakat donors to securely store payment information, view transaction history and download receipts.

12. Existing users are advised to update latest personal information on the Profile Page i.e. email and home address, to receive latest Zakat updates and features.

How to Create Profile on

13. Creating your account is quick and easy. Simply visit and locate My Account tab. Look for Log In / Register and proceed to Sign In. For new users, click Register at bottom of prompt.

14. Fill in the required fields with your personal information, such as your full name, NRIC/FIN, email address, contact number and a secure password for account. Ensure the password meets the platform’s security requirements.

15. Check your email inbox for a verification link and follow instructions to verify your email address. After successfully setting up your account, log in using the username and password you’ve created to access your account.

Security Advisory

16. Muis encourages all Zakat donors to remain vigilant in adhering to security measures when fulfilling Zakat obligations. Zakat payments through official and authorised channels designated by Muis, such as Zakat Singapore website (, authorised mosques and recognised Zakat collection centres are highly advised.

17. Users of are also advised to read the security advisory in identifying key online security features to reduce the risk of unauthorised solicitations and phishing scams. These features include:

  a) A secure and trusted online platform, such as official payment portals endorsed by Muis and certified payment gateways.

  b) Verify the authenticity and security of the online platform by ensuring it uses https:// and displays a padlock symbol in the browser’s address bar.

c) For card payments, opt for strong authentication methods such as two-factor authentication (2FA), biometric verification or tokenisation to replace sensitive card or bank account information, reducing the risk of data theft.

  d) Implement real-time transaction monitoring to detect and respond to any unusual or potentially fraudulent activities.

  e) Exercise caution against phishing attempts and refrain from clicking on suspicious links or providing personal and financial information from unsolicited communications.

  f) Promptly report any suspected fraudulent activity or security breaches related to online Zakat payments to Muis for investigation.

18. For more information, please contact Muis at 6359 1199 (Hotline).