Appointment of Members for Islamic Legacy Planning Workgroup

14 June 2024

1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) has appointed 16 professionals from the community to form the new Islamic Legacy Planning Workgroup (ILPW), marking a significant milestone in the formation of the new Wakaf Masyarakat Singapura (WMS). The ILPW Appointment Ceremony was held at Masjid Muhajirin on 14 June 2024.

2. Chaired by senior lawyer and Member of Parliament, Mr Zhulkarnain Rahim, the ILPW comprised of professionals renowned for their expertise in diverse sectors such as wealth management, real estate, legal, and religious guidance. These members were carefully selected to spearhead the development of effective Islamic Legacy Planning (ILP) materials and programmes to drive the true objective of WMS.

3. Expressing his gratitude to the members of the ILPW for their dedication and enthusiasm to serve the community, Muis Chief Executive, Mr Kadir Maideen, said, “ILPW will be responsible for empowering the Singapore Muslim community through well-informed legacy planning initiatives in accordance with Islamic laws.”

4. Mr Kadir added: “ILP presents an opportunity for the current generation to uphold and perpetuate the Islamic values and beliefs, ensuring that these enduring principles are safeguarded and passed on to future generations. It allows Muslims to leave a lasting impact by contributing to the sustainable growth and empowerment of WMS, fostering a legacy that reflects the strength and unity of our community.”

5. At the recent Minister’s Hari Raya Get-Together on 19 April 2024, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, Mr Masagos Zulkifli announced the formation of the ILPW which is tasked to develop ILP materials and programs, engage industry players and community stakeholders, and establish a network of ILP ambassadors. The ILPW will also play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term growth and success of WMS.

6. In his closing remarks, Mr Masagos emphasised the significance of the ILPW in advancing the cause of WMS by guiding the community to create proper ILP tools such as Wasiat and planning ahead for their loved ones. He highlighted that WMS is a continuation from Mosque Building Fund (MBF), an initiative to fulfil the religious responsibility of every Singaporean Muslim. The work involved goes beyond raising awareness as ILPW facilitates Planned Giving through legacy planning instruments and empowering the community to make informed decisions that align with Islamic values and beliefs.

7. WMS is scheduled to be launched in August during the inaugural Wakaf Month. The community can look forward to an exciting and vibrant line-up of initiatives and activities, such as the Forum Faraid and Wakaf Heritage Trail, designed to enhance understanding of the values and benefits of wakaf. These efforts also aim to educate on the significance of Faraid and key legacy planning tools such as Nominations and Wasiat in facilitating the community’s endeavour to contribute towards WMS. More details will be shared in due time.



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