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Committee on Future Asatizah

Have Your Say on "Asatizah of the Future"

A Committee on Future Asatizah (COFA) has been formed to engage the community in an envisioning exercise on 'Asatizah of the Future'.

From March to October 2019, COFA will engage key stakeholders, such as current asatizah, recent graduates and undergraduates from tertiary Islamic institutions; madrasah students and their parents; academics and industry experts; and the public. Inputs from these engagement sessions will be used to inform policies and programmes for asatizah workforce development.

It is hoped that these efforts would contribute towards the development of religious sector professionals and teachers who can meet the evolving needs of the Singapore Muslim community and contribute to the wider society.

Your views and aspirations on our future asatizah will be important for COFA. We would like to invite you to share your thoughts via the following survey. 

 *The survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation.