What Our Scholars Say

Why Our Scholars Chose SISS


"I am hopeful of the many opportunities that the SISS could provide for my growth as a Muslim, with an eventual transition in me being able to contribute back to the Muslim community."

- Alfawzul Kabir, Year 2, Al-Azhar University (Islamic Theology)

"Job stability is something very much sought after in the Asatizah line of work. Furthermore, this scholarship gears and prepares its scholars to fill up the key leadership positions for the Malay/Muslim community through summer programs at other universities and mentorship with other Islamic scholars.'

- Hakeem Samsuri, Year 2, Al-Azhar University (Islamic Jurisprudence)

"I selected this scholarship due to it catering to both short-term and long-term objectives. This scholarship provides a platform for me to enhance my knowledge and skills through valuable experiences and exposure. Additionally, it presents an opportunity for me to extend my service to the broader community."

- Nur Zahratul Humaira Hilmi, Year 2, Al-Azhar University (Islamic Theology)